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Together, we are building a united Lake Pepin community that spans the entire country. With over 600 members, LPLA has spearheaded a large restoration project to improve water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and recreational access in upper Lake Pepin. But, we’re not done yet!

As our membership community grows, so does our collective ability to reduce sediment input and continue lake restoration efforts. Whether you’re from upper Lake Pepin, lower Lake Pepin, or a visitor from far away—you know how uniquely special Lake Pepin is to the Mississippi River. Make a member contribution today to protect its future, join an incredible community, and call dibs on your free gifts!

(All contributions are tax-deductible.)

(All contributions are tax-deductible.)

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Membership FAQ

Our Membership Program: LPLA members are a community, not simply a funding source. Your financial support makes our work possible, but your local knowledge, experience, and passion for Lake Pepin make our work better. We encourage you to stay engaged with us throughout the year. Share stories and photos, especially if you've experienced impacts from sedimentation. Email or call us anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can also communicate with us through Facebook.

Your Membership Benefits: All LPLA members receive a boat/bumper sticker, special annual report later this year, and an invitation to our member appreciation event on the Pearl of the Lake paddleboat in Lake City, MN on Sept. 12th, 2019. Based on your contribution, you may also be eligible for a shirt, hat, and/or invitation to our Mud Picnic this August. Membership packages, with a printed receipt of your total annual contribution(s), will be mailed 1-2 weeks after payment is processed.

Memberships are specific to individuals, not households. You can include a spouse or partner—as a separate member—when you contribute. You will both receive the same event benefits, however, you will not receive multiple gift items. If each person wants a member shirt or hat, then each person needs to contribute individually.

Your Membership Term: is for 1-year from the date of your first contribution in 2019. Additional contributions throughout the year will accumulate as membership upgrades.