Pepie Day is Everyday!

Remember being a kid and leaving those cute May Day baskets for friends at their front door? Well, now we have a reason to do that all summer! In an effort to spread the word about LPLA and Lake Pepin water quality woes, we have created a fun game that everybody can play in their community. To start, read the directions on the handout below and then print two copies to share with friends.

You might be here to start a new Pepie Signting Game or continue one that already found it's way to you. Some of you might have been personally invited by Pepie herself. Regardless, thank you for playing the Pepie Sighting Game within your community! We hope you have fun and encourage you to take photos. If you do, post them to our Facebook or Instagram page with the hashtag #pepiesightingLPLA. Feel free to add your own embellishments to the game as you connect with friends and family. And if you haven't made it official already, consider becoming a LPLA member and joining Pepie in advocating for a healthier Lake Pepin (Click Here).