Head of Lake Pepin Problem Appraisal Report (DRAFT)

By: Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance & MN Audubon

The Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) starts all restoration projects with a PAR that examines habitat conditions before a project. To ensure Lake Pepin restoration was considered for a federal restoration project, LPLA and MN Audubon completed this step on their own. ACOE used this draft PAR to obtain approval from department leadership to move the process forward.

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Lake Pepin Excess Nutrients TMDL

By: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, TBD

Addresses the Lake Pepin water quality impairment making it unsuitable for swimming and fishing

  • Examines the sources of phosphorus and nitrogen that contribute eutrophication

  • Relates closely to Lake Pepin sedimentation because phosphorus binds to soil particles

  • Project Underway

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South Metro Mississippi Turbidity TMDL

By: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 2015

Addresses the accelerated sedimentation in Lake Pepin.

  • Examines the reach of the Mississippi River impaired for turbidity upstream of Lake Pepin

  • Determines that the Minnesota River Basin (MRB) contributes 75% of the sediment

  • Requires the following sediment load reductions:

    • 50% reduction from Minnesota River

    • 50% reduction from the Cannon River

    • 20% reduction from the Upper Mississippi River, St. Croix and Vermillion Rivers

    • 50% reduction in internal sediment loading within Lake Pepin

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