LPLA is growing fast because people have a deep love for Lake Pepin. It is a natural treasure, intrinsically worth protection. It also happens to be the ecological, social, and economic heart of the region. As such, protecting Lake Pepin is also an effort to safeguard our local culture and businesses.

As Alan Nugent, owner of Stockholm Pie & Abode Gallery, says, "It's absolutely necessary for us to keep the lake healthy and viable because that's what brings the people."

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Sponsorship Packages

This year, LPLA is rolling out a new sponsorship program that includes valuable business perks and workplace giving options through the Minnesota Environmental Fund. If you’re interested, we would love to discuss all the options with you. Set up an appointment with us by emailing: or calling Rylee Main at (630) 806-9909. 

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MEF Workplace Giving

Add the Minnesota Environmental Fund (MEF) as an option for employee giving at your workplace and protect Lake Pepin! LPLA Executive Director, Rylee Main, is the MEF Board Chair & can answer all your questions: or (630) 806-9909