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Our Spring Member Drive is organized in around two amazing events: Tour de Pepin (June 1st) & our first Lake Pepin Benefit Concert (June 8th). With all $25+ member contributions right now, you can enjoy these extra benefits:

  • 1 Free Ticket to the Lake Pepin Benefit Concert ($15 value)

    Located at Liberty Tree Farm’s magical outdoor venue, this concert features The Pistol Whippin' Party Penguins, a Minnesota bluegrass band with original songs about the river we love.

  • Add Your Name to Pepie’s Tour de Pepin Cape

    This year, Pepie the Lake Monster has an entire team riding Tour de Pepin to raise awareness & increase membership support. So, there is a lot of name space to fill!

  • Send a message during Pepie’s Tour de Pepin ride

    Contribute online & you’ll have the option to submit a message that Pepie’s team will share while riding Tour de Pepin. Your message can be directed to an individual person or just a general statement about the lake. Pictures of the messages will be posted to our facebook and website after the race!

(All contributions are tax-deductible.)

(All contributions are tax-deductible.)

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Exclusive Member Events

Membership FAQ

Our Membership Program: LPLA members are a community, not simply a funding source. Your financial support makes our work possible, but your local knowledge, experience, and passion for Lake Pepin make our work better. We encourage you to stay engaged with us throughout the year. Share stories and photos, especially if you've experienced impacts from sedimentation. Email or call us anytime with questions, concerns, or suggestions. You can also communicate with us through Facebook.

Your Membership Benefits: All LPLA members receive a boat/bumper sticker, special annual report later this year, and an invitation to our member appreciation event on the Pearl of the Lake paddleboat in Lake City, MN on Sept. 12th, 2019. Based on your contribution, you may also be eligible for a shirt, hat, and/or invitation to our Mud Picnic this August. Membership packages, with a printed receipt of your total annual contribution(s), will be mailed 1-2 weeks after payment is processed.

Memberships are specific to individuals, not households. You can include a spouse or partner—as a separate member—when you contribute. You will both receive the same event benefits (Annual Member Event/Mud Picnic only), however, you will not receive multiple gift items. If each person wants a member shirt or hat, then each person needs to contribute individually.

Your Membership Term: is for 1-year from the date of your first contribution in 2019. Additional contributions throughout the year will accumulate as membership upgrades.