Terry Woeltge Memorial Fund

If the sun was shining and there was a warm steady breeze, you could find Terry Woeltge aboard his second home doing what he loved - sailing on Lake Pepin. With over five decades of experience at the tiller, Terry was an adamant supporter of several organizations who shared his love and enthusiasm for the sport as well as his appreciation for the beauty of the lake and it's surrounding community. The Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) shares Terry's hope and vision of a Lake Pepin that can be enjoyed by sailboaters for years to come. This memorial fund will help their continued efforts in battling sediment build up that is causing the premature disappearance of the lake that many, including Terry, championed.

Terry enjoyed many days and evenings sharing this gift of nature and this memorial fund will be one of the many ways that both Lake Pepin and his legacy, live on for years to come.

Terry Woeltge LPLA Photos.png

All donations support the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance (LPLA) and its mission to improve water quality, habitat, and accessibility in Lake Pepin.

Donor Messages

We love Lake Pepin, too. Rest In Peace, friend.
As colleagues of Leah Gangl, our thoughts are with the Woeltge and Gangl families during this tragic time.