Program Overview

LPLA is partnering with the Izaak Walton League, who designed a unique approach to water monitoring. They train "Watershed Detectives" to go beyond data collection to actually pinpoint pollution sources for remediation. Using their training and framework, LPLA is organizing volunteers to investigate water quality in Hay Creek & Bullard Creek—two local trout streams impaired for E-coli. The program's end goal is to identify 1-2 locations ideal for remediation projects. 


E-coli Mystery

E-coli persistently exceeds water quality standards throughout the region, but its source and impact remain unknown. Together, we hope to shine light on this local mystery by expanding sampling sites, analyzing land use, and testing E-coli DNA to determine the animal origin.


Volunteer Requirements

No experience necessary to join. All training & equipment provided. It is a great opportunity for students, teachers, or anybody who loves the outdoors. (Individuals with water monitoring experience are needed for volunteer leads. Let us know if this is you!)


Time Commitment

Fieldwork will resume in April/May 2019 and continue through the fall, as weather allows. Volunteer monitors should expect to spend 2-4 hours/week sampling local streams, but some flexibility is available. Volunteer leads will need to commit a slightly greater amount of time and consistent availability from week to week.


Want to join?

Fill-out an online volunteer form.

Then, watch our training video & review the data sheets to familiarize yourself with the procedures. Hands-on training will be conducted on your first field day. A volunteer waiver & photo release is required.