Save our lake, protect our local economy. 

LPLA is partnering with local businesses in an effort to support a sustainable Lake Pepin and surrounding community. Our latest "Save Pepie!" campaign is designed to promote local economies and drive LPLA membership. Becoming a sponsor is both easy and flexible because we want to encourage broad participation. To take full advantage of sponsor benefits, consider becoming a Pepie Guardian today!

Sponsor benefits:

We strive to promote businesses around Lake Pepin and are here for you, just as many of you are here because of Lake Pepin. If you’re interested, we're available to meet, answer questions, and discuss sponsorship options that work for you!

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Ready to sign up?

  • LPLA website and event recognition
  • “Pepie Guardian” Window Decal
  • Drive customer traffic as a Scavenger Hunt location
  • Be a community leader and grow a positive reputation

Sponsor eligibility:

Yes, I would like to become a sponsor!
  • Direct Contribution
  • In-Kind  Contribution
  • Round-Up Program
  • Product Dedication

    Sponsorship Levels:

    • Platinum= $5,000
    • Gold = $1,000-$4,999
    • Silver= $500-$999
    • Bronze= $1-$499