Training & Data Entry

Prospective & current volunteers can use this website as a reference for the LPLA Watershed Detective Program. Training and field materials are available for download. Please contact your volunteer crew lead or email info@lakepepinlegacyalliance with any questions, concerns, or scheduling information.


Virtual Training Session (required)

All volunteers are required to watch this training video to familiarize themselves with the monitoring equipment and procedures before joining a field crew. Hands-on training will be provided during your first monitoring day.

After watching the video, please read and sign the volunteer consent form. Give this to your volunteer lead on your first field day.

Field Notes.png

Field Materials

Fieldwork procedures, information and data sheets are available for download.

Dta entry.png

Data Entry

Volunteer leads should use this online form to enter field data as soon as possible. Password is required. If you think you made a mistake or encounter a problem, please email data to info@lakepepinlegacyalliance.